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Fairtrade Organic Arabica beans, hand picked and roasted to our profile - just the way we like them.

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The best Espresso beans are usually a blend of carefully selected coffees from different regions of the world combined to create balanced, aromatic and complex flavours. Our painstakingly selected blend originates from three countries and is triple certified i.e. Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade and Organic. We firmly believe in the value of paying more for our beans not just to ensure a fantastic flavour but to guarantee a fair price to the coffee producers.


Single Origin Coffee

As the name suggests, these beans reflect the unique flavour and variety specific to their country of origin. The coffee is best experienced when brewed either in a French press, aeropress or manual Dripper to allow the subtle flavours and aromas to shine. Good single origin coffees have a very clean taste but can differ remarkably from each other.


In house Roast

Our passion for coffee is never ending and we are currently experimenting with roasting our own new blends. Our new beans will contrast with our current Espresso blend to offer another option in our shop but don't worry, our original beans aren't going anywhere.

The first stage in the production process is known as “endothermic”, here the green coffee beans are slowly dried to become a yellow colour and the beans begin to smell like toast or popcorn.




The second step, otherwise known as the first crack, occurs at approximately 205 °C (400 °F) in which the bean doubles in size, becomes a light brown colour, and experiences a weight loss of approximately 5%.





In the next step the temperature rises from 205 °C to approximately 220 °C, the colour changes from light brown to medium brown, and a weight loss of approximately 13% occurs.ᅠ The resulting chemical process is called pyrolysis and is characterised by a change in the chemical composition of the bean as well as a release of CO2.



Throughout the final stage, the beans experience a short endothermic period which is followed by another exothermic step called the second crack.


This second pyrolysis occurs between 225-230°C, and the roast colour is defined as medium-dark brown resulting in our special blend used today at
The Espresso Lounge


Make professional coffee with your very own Cafetiére. Add your choice of ground coffee and make great coffee every time.


£12.95 (250g bag)

Our Fairtrade Beans

Like our flavour and quality of coffee in the lounge? Well we sell our beans, so you can make the same high quality coffee at home.


£19.95 (500g bag)

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